Best Electric Moped in 2020

Planning to buy a Vespa? Look no further than Aventura-X, for the most affordable and highest-quality electric moped on the market. Further, it is an environmentally friendly option as electric-motored mopeds do not pollute the environment by emitting harmful gases into the air. Riding an Aventura-X electric moped is a cost-effective choice, as all our electric vehicles are equipped with high quality removable lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable at home or on the road.  

There are plenty of factors you need to consider prior to purchasing an electric moped. Let’s discuss the benefits of riding an Aventura-X rather than any ordinary moped.   

Advantages of an Aventura-X: 

  • Quality of Ride – The ride quality of an Aventura-X is second to none, having the smoothest handling of all electric mopeds. The acceleration is fast, yet completely silent. You will be able to zip around your city with ease and elegance. We prioritize the safety of all our customers; therefore, we have upgraded the brake pads and rotors to ensure your able to make a sudden stop at a moment’s notice. While riding a moped on the road, it is impossible to avoid potholes on the road. Thus, we have engineered a suspension system to absorb and store shock caused by bumps, dips, cracks on the road for all riders to experience a more pleasurable ride.
  • Lithium Ion Batteries – Benefits of the Aventura-X lithium ion batteries is that, unlike lead-acid ones, they deliver the full power output until they are completely discharged. Lithium batteries handle long-term storage much better, self-discharging about 1% over the course of 30  days – regardless of the temperature. The lithium ion batteries are lightweight, accessible, and very easy to charge. Each battery takes 5-6 hours to fully charge – making it convenient for riders to charge overnight prior to their morning travel to work or weekend getaway.
  • Reliability – Our electric Vespa-style moped is far more reliable than its gas counterparts. The moving parts in a regular gasoline or diesel engine tend to fail over time, which range from anything from the pistons to the belts. The great advantage of an electric moped is that there are no spark plugs, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, or mufflers, so these cannot fail in the same manner. The owners of an Aventura-X will find themselves saving large sums of money on repairs as they will have less visits to their local mechanic shop.

Opt for the fastest and the most sophisticated choice by purchasing an electric Aventura-X moped!

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