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Why Aventura-X is the Best Electric Scooter in the US Market?

Many electric scooters have entered the market, creating a vast range of customer products. This article will provide a comprehensive comparative analysis of Aventura-X against the top popular competitors in the best electric scooter market in the USA. 


  1. NIU NGT

NIU NGT                                                                  Aventura-X i100


Batteries: The NIU NGT includes two removable battery                                          Batteries: The Aventura-X i100 includes two removable

packs made with Panasonic cells. The 31 lb batteries                                                  rechargeable LG lithium-ion batteries. The 11 lb

are each 60 V and 35 Ah.                                                                                                   batteries are each 60 V and 20 Ah.

Price: Starting at $3,700.00                                                                                              Price: Starting at $2,995.00


Winner: Aventura-X i100. The durability of the Aventura-X was the key indicator in determining the difference between the two electric scooters. The quality of the NIU NGT did not compare to the Aventura-X i100. Additionally, the Aventura-X has better specifications, including an electric starter. The batteries weigh less than the NGT, making it much more convenient to charge at home daily or weekly. At a price of nearly $1,000 cheaper, the Aventura-X is the clear-cut winner. 


  1. Sunra MIKU MAX


Sunra MIKU MAX                                                                            Aventura-X i100

Motor: The Sunra MIKU MAX is powered by an 800                                                  Motor: The Aventura-X i100 is powered by 2800

Watt rear hub motor takes it up to a top speed of 28 mph.                                          -Watt brushless motor, with a top speed capable of 

The MIKU MAX is designed for one passenger, as the                                                 40 mph. The i100 is designed for two passengers,

maximum weight capacity is 200 lb.                                                                                with the maximum weight capacity of 330 lb. 


Winner: Aventura-X i100. Firstly, The drive of the MIKU MAX did not compare to the Aventura-X i100. Secondly, The “floating” C shape design frame of the Sunra MIKU MAX was uncomfortable on bumpy roads and potholes. Moreover, The acceleration was also very slow in comparison to the Aventura-X due to the smaller and less powerful motor. 


  1. Zapp i300

        Zapp i300                                                                        Aventura-X i100

Range: The Zapp i300 is powered by twin batteries,                                                            Range: The Aventura-X i100 is powered by two

which are very small and lightweight, giving a range                                                              lithium-ion batteries capable of traveling up to

of only 30 miles.                                                                                                                              50 miles per charge.


Winner: Aventura-X i100. The Aventura-X gives its riders 20 more miles, 20 miles of freedom. Electric scooter riders will be able to enjoy the open road without the worry of having to charge their scooter more frequently. 


  1. Vespa Elettrica 

         Vespa Elettrica                                                                              Aventura-X

Built-In Battery: The Vespa Elettrica is equipped                                                            Removable Battery: The Aventura-X is equipped       

a built-in battery, only chargeable through the vehicle.                                                     with a removable, rechargeable battery. This feature

This feature limits the driver to charge the electric                                                            allows drivers to charge their electric scooter 

scooter only outside in a garage or charging station.                                                        inside their apartment, home, or corporate office.


Winner: Aventura-X i100. Many Americans live in apartment complexes or high-rise buildings in urban cities and would be unable to charge their electric scooters inside the comfort of their home. Aventura-X  Electric Scooter in the USA allows all customers to remove the lightweight lithium-ion battery and charge anywhere, anytime similar to an iPhone. However, with the Aventura-X i100, you’ll never have to worry about standing around at a charging station for hours waiting for your electric scooter to recharge. 


  1. Honda Benly E

          Benly E                                                                      Aventura-X i100

Style: The Benly E looks like a fairly conventional delivery                                              Style: The Aventura-X i100 has a stylish, chic,       

scooter with flat luggage platforms front and rear. The                                                    and retro aesthetic look quite similar to an 

aesthetics of this electric scooter compares to a pizza                                                       old- fashioned Vespa. Drivers of this magnificent  

will have a delivery bicycle.                                                                                                       piece of art have pedestrians breaking their necks                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                    to get a second glance.


Winner. Aventura-X i100. In conclusion, There aren’t many electric scooters that compare to the visual appearance of the Aventura-X. However, if your attention wants to add flair to your style, the Aventura-X electric motorcycle scooter for adults is your vehicle of choice. 


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